Golang patterns for serving on-demand, generated content

The Gitorious Blog

We’re using Go for some parts of the Gitorious project and one of the recently open sourced sub-projects written in Go is git-archive-daemon. It’s a scalable, high-performance HTTP API for serving archives of git repositories.

While implementing this tool we noticed several apparent patterns emerge which are not specific to git archive generation and can be applied to other use cases. For example on-demand image or sound generation, or any other kind of synchronous generation where a client waits on the connection for the response can benefit from these patterns.

This tutorial will go through these patterns, starting with the simple, naive implementation, gradually making it smarter and more powerful.

Note: All the code examples below lack proper error handling. This is on purpose, to make the examples shorter and easier to understand. Feel free to browse through the source of git-archive-daemon to see how we handle errors there.

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