Getting Start with JavaFx

First time I heard the new technology about JavaFx I’m very surprised because the visualization of program which made with it is beautiful. Before that I learn flex to fulfill my task from my college. But I’m very disappointed because two technology which I mention before not provided for linux user like me.

Now I can feel happy, because JavaFx was supported in linux operating system. Ups… I forget to tell what is JavaFx. JavaFx is a software technology that lets you create and deliver Rich Internet applications (RIA) with media and content across a wide variety of platforms and devices.[AND09]
Why these technology can across any platform and device? Before I answer the question, we must know the javaFx platform.

Figure 1 JavaFx platform

From the picture we can imagine how javaFx can run in any device and OS. The concept is likely how java program can run with any platform, the key is JVM. On Java platforms, JavaFX is a compiled, statically typed, declarative scripting language. The language offers automatic data binding, triggers, animation, and an expression syntax where code blocks yield values. Sequences, function types, and inferred types make JavaFX a concise scripting language. Developers can use object oriented JavaFX features to simplify complexity and handle errors with Java-like exceptions. JavaFX also lets you easily access the complete Java API, which includes
an enormous number of third-party Java libraries.

Example screenshot application

Figure 2 created by Kazuki Hamasaki(the student winners of the the JavaFX Coding Challenge)

Figure 3 The winners of the WidgetFX Developers Contest.

[AND09] Anderson, Gail and Paul Anderson. Essential JavaFxTM .Prentice Hall.2009


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